Mid Line Weak Link

Product Certification to API 17G

September 21, 2021

Flint Subsea is pleased to announce that we have added API 17G to our list of product certification for our Mid Line Weak Link Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) device.

2 Midline Weak Links were delivered in 7 weeks from order receipt to delivery including the design verification and product certification by DNV to API 17G.

This delivery demonstrated our ability to be flexible to our client's requirements and to deliver in a very short lead time.  We have a great working relationship with DNV, which enables us to discuss our requirements directly with the engineering teams.

Our quick delivery was also made possible by the investment in new MRP systems, better test facilities and people.

Flint Subsea Complete Rigorous High-Angle Testing

30th April 2021

Flint Subsea, a global supplier of Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) systems, continue to develop and perform world first testing on its range of mid-line Emergency Quick Disconnects.

Testing of the midline Emergency Quick Disconnect devices has traditionally presented several challenges including, most significantly, performing angle disconnect and preventing discharge of the internal fluid during disconnection. The latter is critical to prove that the device would be capable of disconnecting when there is significant volumes present, upstream or downstream, maintaining internal pressure.

In a first, Flint Subsea performed a complete function test on their device at 15 degrees with it connected to a 2” Black Eagle hose and the pressure at 690bar.

In what is believed to be unique, in testing, the Flint Subsea Mid-Line EQD is able to maintain pressure throughout the disconnect stroke without discharge or requirement for external accumulation. This is achieved through its pressure balanced design and integrated check valves.

The testing, witnessed by DNV, was performed as part of certification work for a system to be deployed by a major client in the APAC region.

Gareth Black, Flint Subsea technical director said, “the continued, and regular, testing of our device in increasingly harsh setups is showing how robust and reliable our device really is. We can go to bed at night knowing that in the event that one of our fleet is called upon to disconnect at full working pressure and high-angle, that it will do so, every time.”

Flint Subsea gain DNVGL approval for the Well Kill Connector

Flint Subsea, a global supplier of Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) systems have gained DNVGL approval of their latest system, which has been supplied to a well intervention specialist in the North Sea.

Flint Subsea were approached in 2019 to provide an emergency disconnect solution for a supplier of well intervention services in the North Sea. The challenge was to create a really simple and easy-to-use system, whilst providing all the requirements of an emergency disconnect. The solution, developed by Flint Subsea engineers was to integrate their standard EQD connector into a stack , with high angle disconnect capability (hose) and full isolation (valve). A simple hot stab connection thereby ensures quick and reliable ROV operations. In the event of an emergency, the system can be pulled to break at the EQD or it can be hydraulically released. See for more details.

After a rigorous testing scheme, witnessed by DNVGL, the system has been approved in accordance with DNVGL-OS-E101 and API 6A and a product certificate issued accordingly. Commenting on the approval, Gareth Black said, “this is a fantastic achievement by the team at Flint Subsea and underlines our expertise in Emergency Quick Disconnect technology and ability to come up with reliable and easy to operate solutions”.

About Flint Subsea Limited

Flint Subsea were founded in 2013 and are headquartered in the UK. They specialise in the rental and sale of Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) devices which protect people, infrastructure and the environment.

Flint Subsea have a fleet of EQD devices available for long or short term rentals.

Flint Subsea Limited are privately owned.

Flint Subsea EQD Skid Upgraded

Flint Subsea Limited have upgraded their Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) skid to include a fail close actuator on the system’s main isolation valve. This new development now provides emergency full system shut down capability in an ‘event’ to isolate the well during direct well pumping operations.

In a drift off or disconnect scenario, the EQD skid will automatically shut off, retaining system pressure and preventing excessive discharge to the marine environment. Used in conjunction with the Flint Subsea Mid-Line EQD Breakaway connectors, full system integrity is assured during a pull-off event. 

Utilised for subsea pumping operations the skid has been deployed in the North Sea and West Africa for decommissioning, pipeline testing and well injection projects.   

The Flint Subsea EQD skid incorporates a 2” through bore, rated to 10000psi and is suitable for most well bore and stimulation fluids. It also incorporates a clump weight, which can be adjusted between 2 tonnes and 6 tonnes, ensuring that it is not pulled off the sea bed during operations. The system is modular, meaning that additional valves and gauges can be added and removed with minimal effort and time. 2” Hot Stabs (male and female) are also included in the package.

Gareth Black, Flint Subsea Technical Director commented that “this addition to the EQD skid provides our clients with an added layer of protection on top of the EQD connectors and ROV operated valves, which are already incorporated onto the skid. We have responded to market demand to enhance the package for direct well pumping works.  

For more information, please view the EQD data sheet.

Flint Subsea Invest in Fleet

Flint Subsea have demonstrated commitment to their clients by adding additional 2” and 4” EQDs to their fleet. This significant investment is on the back of increased demand for their EQD products to mitigate against excess hose tension and prevent injury to personnel, the environment or infrastructure. These devices can be installed top side or subsea and can be supplied with a range of standard accessories such as remote disconnect capability or hang off collars.

Flint Subsea’s technical director, Gareth Black said, “these devices represent the simplest method to protect the environment without placing personnel into the firing line through the use of hammers or guillotines and without additional infrastructure”. He added, “they are easy to install into hose strings and are available with a range of end connections including flanges, hammer unions and screwed”.

The new EQD units are available immediately to serve clients in global locations. 

Flint Subsea Invest in Fleet

Flint Subsea will be exhibiting at AOG in Perth, Western Australia from March 13th to March 15th 2019. We have our own booth, location B17, conveniently close to Andy's Bratwurst Bar! During the show, we will be showing our range of Emergency Quick Disconnect solutions.

4" Emergency Quick Disconnect

Flint Subsea & Marine have designed and manufactured a unique 4” midline emergency quick disconnect (EQD) system rated for working pressures over 100 bar for its service and vessel operating clients. The connector is fully pressure balanced with a straight through and unobstructed bore which self seals on disconnect. 

The 4” EQD connector is a major break through of technology where Flint Subsea have been able to combine a pressure balanced self sealing EQD with a low weight and size and high flow rate capacity. The result means there are no pressure separation forces on the device thus simplifying the EQD operation, removing fatigue from the pins and the need to set them according to pressure and depth. Additional features incl remote actuation and tie back capability are built into the design. 

Flint Subsea & Marine are specialists in the design and manufacture of EQD connectors and systems for both topside and subsea projects. Having been operating in the EQD market since 2008 we understand project challenges and the EQD tools necessary to make operation effective and safe. 

The addition of the 4” to the EQD family means service companies can reliably pump increased flow levels at increased pressures with a device that can be easily handled by offshore personnel. 

Flint Subsea & Marine connectors sit anywhere along the hose string, donline subsea or mounted on the vessel / platform and are designed to breakaway and self seal in an emergency situation. The 4”, having been in operation during 2017, compliments the existing 2” EQD (340bar and 690bar) versions widely used on global projects.

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